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New Coyote!!! :0) - ~The Coyotes~

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April 21st, 2004

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01:40 am - New Coyote!!! :0)
Hey Ya'll!!! Im new to the group! Just wanted o say HELLO!!! :0) Cant wait to meet you all!!! Drop me a line ANYTIME!!! :0)
Current Mood: gigglygiggly

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Date:April 21st, 2004 04:24 pm (UTC)
Looks Like i did become a member huh? I saw you were trying to become a member for ahwile and werent able to post. It wasnt a closed group. It was an OPEN community. And this is not the way to make someone feel welcome. I was just trying to introduce myself and say hello! :0) Thanks for the warm welcome!

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